TurfMutt is a nationwide science-based program for children K-5 focused on educating and inspiring a greater understanding and appreciation for landscapes and green spaces. It was created by the Outdoor Power Equipment Education & Research foundation (OPEI).

TurfMutt is named for it’s intrepid mascot, Lucky, a rescue dog who travels to elementary classrooms via state-of-the-art multi-media tools reaching over 250,000 teachers and providing lesson plans, hands-on activities, interactive maps and videos. Students learn about the benefits of all green spaces — from backyards to forests — and teaches them how to become stewards of the environment.

Kawasaki Engines is proud to help spread the word about TurfMutt and his message to value and protect all of out green spaces. Please share this digital science program with your school and elementary school teachers. It is provided at NO COST to all K-5 students and their teachers. You and your family can also follow the adventures of TurfMutt at TurfMutt.com and by following TurfMutt on Facebook, or by joining the TurfMutt community to keep up on all news and information and get helpful yard and garden tips and fun family activities.