KTECH™ Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel

Long Live Your Engine

Maximize runtime performance.

KTECH Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel is engineered to do what strictly ethanol-blended gasolines can’t—safeguard against moisture, oxidization, phase separation, and gummy deposits in equipment. Plus, they’re specially developed for use in both carburetor and fuel-injection systems to allow equipment to run under optimal conditions.

  • Ethanol-free unleaded fuel formulated for the long-life durability of 4-cycle small engines (or 2-cycle when mixed with oil to manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Purposely formulated using only quality components, reducing downtime and aggravation
  • Earned 93 Minimum Octane Rating (R + M) / 2 Method
  • Enables long-term storage, with a shelf life of over five years unopened and two years after opening
  • Improves throttle response

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How To: Change Engine Oil and Filter

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, cooling and lubricating everything that moves. See how to properly check, drain and replace your Kawasaki oil and filter for maximum productivity. 

Part numbers: 
Weight Part number
1-quart can 99969-6562
1-gallon can 99969-6563
5-gallon pail 99969-6564
54-gallon drum 99969-6575