KTECH™ Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel

Long Live Your Engine

Maximize runtime performance.

KTECH Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel is engineered to do what strictly ethanol-blended gasolines can’t—safeguard against moisture, oxidization, phase separation, and gummy deposits in equipment. Plus, they’re specially developed for use in both carburetor and fuel-injection systems to allow equipment to run under optimal conditions.

  • Ethanol-free unleaded fuel formulated for the long-life durability of 4-cycle small engines (or 2-cycle when mixed with oil to manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Purposely formulated using only quality components, reducing downtime and aggravation
  • Earned 93 Minimum Octane Rating (R + M) / 2 Method
  • Enables long-term storage, with a shelf life of over five years unopened and two years after opening
  • Improves throttle response

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Part numbers: 
Weight Part number
1-quart can 99969-6562
1-gallon can 99969-6563
5-gallon pail 99969-6564
54-gallon drum 99969-6575