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Fuel Injected Achievement - The First SAE Certified Turf Engine

Turf master. Fuel saver. Game changer.

New Kawasaki Electronic Fuel Injection integrates a cutting-edge Integrated Electronic Throttle Control and advanced ECU to continuously match mower engine power to cutting load and ground speed. Blades maintain maximum cutting performance through heavy turf, tall grass and up hills, as you power through job after job. Now you can mow more and get razor-sharp results in less time -- all while saving gas. This is not fuel injection as usual. This is the new Kawasaki EFI.

Up your productivity

With Kawasaki EFI, you get more done in less time. Starting is fast and smooth, cold or hot, rain or shine. Speed up your mowing pace, and the Integrated Electronic Throttle Control holds maximum cutting power on most any terrain. Clean, uniform cutting, with fewer re-cuts and less cleanup, gives you extra time for more jobs. With pro-grade results in less time, your productivity goes up - and so does your business-building potential.

Kawasaki EFI Lawn Mower Engines.

  • Open-loop design

    Meets strict Kawasaki standards for simple, reliable performance in tough commercial lawn care use.

  • Integrated electronic throttle control

    Instantly adjusts engine power to load, for maximum cutting power at higher speeds, cleaner mowing in heavy turf, and fewer re-cuts.

  • Advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    Continuously monitors ambient conditions and engine performance to deliver optimum power and efficiency in all situations.

  • Multi-port sequential fuel injection

    High-precision fuel delivery maximizes both power per stroke and fuel economy, for more work on less gas.

  • High pressure returnless fuel system

    Consistent fuel delivery and smooth operation in high temperature, WOT commercial mowing.

  • Simple, intuitive dealer diagnostics

    PC and tablet plug-in diagnostic system for fast, easy troubleshooting, accurate service and reduced downtime.

  • Same footprint as carbureted engine models

    Same size and shape as carbureted versions, so upgrading to EFI is more efficient.

  • SAE-J1939 CAN communication protocol

    Works with OEM systems for seamless, efficient integration of controls, sensor and displays, offering advanced features to the end user. 

  • SAE Certified Horsepower

    Certified Critical Power™ engines deliver a minimum of 98% of rated horsepower, for productivity you can count on.

Don't let tough going slow you down.

  • Heavy grass

    With no power loss through the entire load range, you blast through most any turf.

  • Steep inclines

    Load-matching e-governor keeps drive wheels and cutting blades working at peak productivity. No hillside slowdowns.

  • Big acreage

    Always-optimum cutting power lets you cover wider areas at a faster pace, with uniform results and less clean-up.

  • Repeated passes

    Instant power/load matching maintains optimum blade tip speed to cut clean the first time, for fewer re-cuts.

  • Nasty weather

    No cold-start choke. Head-temp monitor guards against overheating, protecting your investment.

  • Lost time

    Automatic enrichment ensures fast, dependable starts so you get right to work. Cold or hot, wet or dry, you just go.

Choose your EFI.

New EFI technology is available on select Kawasaki FX Series, FT Series, and FS Series engines, with more models to come.