KTECH™ Bar and Chain Oil

KTECH™ Bar & Chain Oil

Protect your performance all four seasons with complete confidence—regardless of your brand of chainsaw.

Our Bar & Chain Oil is formulated to protect your chainsaw from normal wear and tear regardless of the season or brand. It cools, lubricates and keeps it in peak running condition all year long.


  • Works with any brand of chainsaw to lubricate cutter bar and chain for optimal performance
  • Formulated to help cool and reduce friction between bar and chain while helping to protect from normal wear and tear
  • Adheres to metal to help prevent sling-off and spatter while chainsaw is in use
  • Pours easily at low temperatures and lubricates at high temperatures for all-season practicality
  • Engineered with high-tack properties to maintain adhesion, even while chainsaw operates at the highest speed and power settings
  • Uses expertly engineered base oils, additives, and specialty components for guaranteed effectiveness

Safety Data Sheet

    Part numbers:
  • 1 quart: 99969-6505
  • 1 gallon: 99969-6506A