Lawn Renovation

Over-Seeding A New Lawn


Over-seeding is when you add seed to an existing lawn to thicken and improve the appearance of a thin or patchy lawn, or to give winter color to a dormant southern lawn.

Winter damage, dehydration, or water damage due to poor drainage, (a result of a compacted topsoil layer), are some possible causes of damaged grass in need of renovation.

If less than 50% of the grass in an area is damaged over-seeding is preferable.
If more than 50% is damaged, either turfing or new seeding is recommended.

Turf is grass that has been cultivated.




When you over-seed, it is recommend that you lay the seed down in a straight line the first time and cross it at a 45° angle the second time. This is to cover the areas as efficiently as possible and not to leave any unsown areas.