How Do You Prepare For A New Lawn?

Remove old grass, including all root masses. If the weather is dry, the ground has to be broken down to a depth of approximately 8 inches (to ensure contact and water permeability). Remove any stones and level out any irregularities in the surface. Just before laying the new turf, roll the ground with a hand roller to get a firm, even surface.

How Do You Lay Turf?

Turf is laid in straight rows, edge to edge. In the joints you can put a mixture of the soil from the ground and dressing sand. The grass surface is then rolled, perpindicular to how it was laid.

Right after laying the turf, the entire area should be watered. Two days after laying, the area should be rolled again with a hand roller to maintain contact between the turf and the soil underneath.

Normally the grass has to be watered daily for the first three weeks.

When Should You First Mow Turf?

When cutting and laying turf, it is important that it is growing well and that the weather is not too dry. Depending on what time of year the turf is laid and the temperature differences at the time, the grass will grow at different rates. During spring and summer the grass will have taken root enough after three weeks to be used and walked on. That is also when the grass is mowed for the first time.