The superiority of Kawasaki Engines makes them perform better and last longer. A Kawasaki engine lets you focus on making your lawn look its best. Mowing height, frequency and dispersement method depends on a number of variables. Some factors that must be kept in mind are the growing conditions, the variety of grass and foot traffic on the lawn.

Mowing Height

A mowing height of between 2 and 4 inches is best for the growth of the lawn. If the mowing height is lower than 2 inches, the risk of damaging your lawn increases. It is a good idea to increase the height of your cut during dry conditions. This will reduce the risk of dehydration.

In addition to potential damage to your lawn, low cutting heights also increase the wear on your cutting deck and the risk of damage caused by hitting rocks.

Seasonal Mowing

During the spring, growth occurs most rapidly. Therefore, regular mowing is necessary.

During the summer (especially in the Southern region), growth will occur less frequently. It is a good idea to adjust your cutting schedule so that you are not mowing too frequently. Over-mowing during the summer can cause dehydration.

After the summer, you may notice growth occurring more rapidly. This will most likely continue until mid autumn. Adjust your schedule to accommodate this increase in growth rate, and then decrease until your grass has become dormant.

Keep In Mind

While mowing your lawn makes it look great, it can be detrimental to the health of the plant. Mowing increases the risk of dehydration and fungal infection.

You can reduce the risk of dehydration and infection by using sharp blades, using a mower with high blade speed, mowing no more than 1/2 the length of the grass blades at one time and not mowing your lawn when it is wet.