Kawasaki 4-Cycle Engine Oil

Kawasaki 4-Cycle Engine Oil

Offered in 4 formulas (with color coded caps and labels), KTech engine oil is formulated to keep your Kawasaki engine operating at its highest performance level.

Treat your engine right and it will last longer and run more efficiently.

Your Kawasaki engine works hard to deliver efficient, reliable power—so treat it right. Premium KTech engine oil is uniquely formulated for your machine. Longer engine life. Cleaner operation. Refined in the USA. KTech engine oil gives superior performance for the engine you depend on. Ideal for all engines where API, CJ-4, SL and JASO MA oil is recommended. 

  • Meets JASO MA
  • API Service CJ-4 and SL
  • KTech 4-cycle oil contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on engine parts
  • Protects against excessive viscosity decrease at high temperatures
  • Proven oil consumption control in heavy-duty service
  • Contains anti-foaming and anti-shear agents
  • Excellent shear stability assures stay-in-grade performance
  • Manufactured with the latest additive technologies to provide superior performance in both diesel and gasoline engines(The 10W-30 oil is also certified in CJ-4 for use in diesel engines)
  • Designed to keep today’s high-performance, low-emission engines clean and operating at peak efficiency
  • 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50 synthetic blend oils provide ultimate performance and protection in both low and high temperature applications, including cold-weather startup

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How To: Change Engine Oil and Filter

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, cooling and lubricating everything that moves. See how to properly check, drain and replace your Kawasaki oil and filter for maximum productivity. 

Part numbers: 
Weight 1 Quart p/n 55 Gallon Drum p/n Material Safety Data Sheets
SAE 10W-30 #99969-6081 #99969-6274 Download
SAE 30 #99969-6281 #99969-6273 Download
SAE 10W-40 #99969-6296 #99969-6297 Download
SAE 20W-50 #99969-6298 #99969-6299 Download

Kawasaki 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Extend the life of your Kawasaki engine with specially-formulated, premium synthetic blend KTech oil with fuel stabilizers. For use in all engines where API and JASO FD oil is recommended, Kawasaki 2-cycle engine oil is a synthetic blend that meets and exceeds the rigorous requirements of API TC, JASO FD and ISO EGD classifications for 2-cycle air-cooled small engine applications. 

2-Cycle oil
Weight Part number Materials Safety Data Sheet
2.6 oz. - 1 gallon mix bottle 99969-6082C Download
5.2 oz. - 2 gallon mix bottle 99969-6083C Download
6.4 oz. - 2.5 gallon mix bottle 99969-6084C Download
12.8 oz. - 5 gallon mix bottle 99969-6085C Download
1 gallon bottle 99969-6086C Download
5 gallon pail 99969-6157C Download
55 gallon drum 99969-6158C Download